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Tuition-Based Program

Currently in Ohio, universal preschool is not mandated or government funded. Typically developing students attending Lakota’s preschool program pay tuition to attend. Additionally, Lakota is not required to offer a minimum number of seats to tuition-based students. The number of available tuition-based seats is dictated each year by Lakota’s roster of special education students requiring preschool services, including the staffing, type of classroom space and other resources required by their Individualized Education Plans as well as the number of students transitioning to kindergarten each year. Therefore, the number of tuition-based preschool seats can vary from one year to the next. 

Tuition-Based Program for Typical Students

About Lakota Preschool

(Information for both typical and special education students)

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Annual Lottery

Each spring, Lakota preschool holds a lottery process to fill available tuition-based seats for the next school year. Applications are available for a limited time on the Welcome Center's Preschool Registration webpage.

Applications for the tuition-based program will not be accepted after the application time period has closed.